1. The Ginga The Admission Exam: a test of Capoeira movements meant to identify students’ abilities)

2. The Sequencia or sequence of the 17 basic attack and defense movements in Regional The Rhythms: practice of the various berimbau rhythms in Regional

3. The Movements: broken down into several categories, including Traumatizing Movements (Traumatizantes), Projections (Projecoes), Connecting Movements (Ligados), and Unbalancing Movements (Desequilibrantes)

4. The Centura Desprezada: or Sequence for Advanced Students including Projections Curso de Especializacao: a course for Advanced Student


1. Ginga constantly while playing. (The ginga is the basic movement in Capoeira.)

2. Always dodge and evade the opponents attacks, do not resist.

3. Always play as closely as possible to your partner.

4. All movements must have a purpose (whether attack or defense).

5. Always keep at least one base on the ground at all times - at least one hand or foot - jumps make a player vulnerable.

6. Always follow the rhythm of the berimbau.

7. Respect a player if he / she can no longer defend from an attack.

8. Protect a partner’s physical and moral integrity - stronger players have a responsibility to care for weaker players.

1. Hold a new student’s hands as they learn the ginga.

2. A chair can be used for training.

3. The “charanga” is the traditional Regional orchestra, composed of one berimbau and two pandeiros.

4. The songs follow a quadra or corrido structure.

5. The most important rhythms in Capoeira Regional are Sao Bento Grande, Banguela and Iuna.

6. The “Batizado” (Baptism), also called “cair no aco,” is the first game that a beginner ever plays in the roda.

7. A “Festa do Batizado” was the Baptism Celebration that traditionally followed this first game, in which the student received his or her Capoeira nickname (“Nome de Guerra,” which literally means “War Name”).

8. A “Formatura” is the Capoeira teacher’s Graduation Ceremony.

9. “O Esquenta Banho” is a game of no-holds barred, in which students can choose to play hard.